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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Few Days without my Blog and Website

                                 Today was my first gardening day! It's going to be a while till the beautiful delphiniums are out like this. Snow drops are up and out. Weeded around my daffodils. Isn't the yard such a mess after winter. Today was my day off and had been planning to head to Stratton Mountain for some spring skiing, but woke up feeling crummy... shucks. It was the perfect blue bird spring ski day. As my friends know, I am a wicked fair weather skier. Pulling a few weeds and reading outside in the sunshine are a few of my favorite things.

          This weekend was a big reality check for me. My blog and website had totally disappeared. Gone. But where had they gone.... The host company had closed up shop with little or no notice... crap. I was so pissed. How could they just close the doors. Then I goggled them and they had lots of bad press... The internet spreads good news fast and bad news even faster.
       I don't love my website and my blog needs desperate help, but they are my connection to the world. I really do live in the middle of a few cow fields and a quaint, but sleepy slightly beat-up looking village. I stubbornly continue loving making one of a kind lampshades which is super hard and time consuming to put up online, but generally if customers are interested they email me or give a call. Life without the internet... hard to remember back, already. It is such a huge asset to little guys like me. 
            I've just realized how much blogging has meant getting my message of  Lampshade Design out and into the world. I enjoy sharing my design ideas and inspiring people to follow their path, their passion and start their own business. My blog has been an invaluable resource since my Lampshade Lady Book has come out. And yes, people besides my mother do find even if they don't make comments. I've realized that my demographics are perhaps a little bit older than many of the uber cool design blogs, just as I am too.... 
                     It does feel like the arrival of spring is bringing an excitement in the air. Keep an eye out for the April Issue of The World of Interiors. I haven't seen it yet, but word has it there are a couple of lampshades from The Lampshade Lady Book.  In April I am to be on my publisher's blog, Crafter News, May brings  a great article in Romantic Homes. In July/August I will be sharing a project in Yankee Magazine. Busy, busy girl.
             I am sure you love Home Magazines as much as I do or maybe you don't have the magazine addiction quite like I do. Jeez, I've got piles of them; I can barely go past the supermarket checkout without at least one or even better my local bookstore, The Northshire Bookstore . I can definitely throw out the crummy ones, but think back to some of the old Victoria Magazines, or some of those great covers of Country Living UK, or Country Home. I still have a cover from Houses and Gardens on my bulletin board.      
Happy Spring. My car clock will be correct soon....and the Hollyhocks will be coming up, too.



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