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Friday, March 12, 2010

Finial Friday

Finials = find cool vintage stuff + jb weld + let set overnight
  You've seen me use these vintage curtain pushpins before. They come in a variety of patterns and motifs. These are some of my favorites. The pins have a metal post that makes a nice anchor to be epoxied into the finial bases. I made a dozen finials yesterday right after I got a nice delivery of final bases. It's instant fun and a good excuse to sour your favorite flea or antique center for little bits.

    You may need to make a base to set your finds onto the finial base. The duck finial has a button and a crystal chandelier part as a footing for the cast metal duck. Just give them all a dab or 2 of epoxy. 

I love the texture of this pushpin below. Not sure it this one is rare, but had not seen it before. Isn't the pattern on top contemporary? It feels like it could have been designed in 2010 instead of 1910 or whatever it dates back to. The were originally patented back at the turn of the century.

P.S. Glue guns don't work well with finial making... been there, tried that. One year I made a cool finial with all the odd ball beads I had kicking around. I hot glued them onto a finial I had in my kitchen. One by one they dropped off.... good thing I tested it out before selling them... might have had some unhappy campers.


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