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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Are You Ready to hit the Flea Markets????

                       Flea Market season is just around the corner. I just mailed in the balance for my Brimfield Booth today. Yipee, As it is said, "it's a good thing". I've only sold at Brimfield once and it sure was a fun time. I hear May is even better, great weather and everyone is so happy to be outside and looking for great finds. It takes a fair amount of organization to be ready for any event. (The best thing I brought with me was my electric tea pot, saved the day.)  The first of the year is the hardest, gathering all the STUFF you need. The pile starts to build, inventory starts to grow, booth plans start to come together. I used to be on the the road every weekend..... in my early years of my business. It's much more fun now that I only do it once in a while.
Yes, It's a flea market economy! Don't you think!
It feels like it. Everyone wants a deal and expects one, too. 
Brimfield starts May 11th, put it on your calendar.

Don't forget to check out my interview with Crafternews blog. Lampshades are slowly making a come back. Gosh, there are times I wish I had a bigger niche like quilting or knitting. But other times it's a fun challenge trying to spread the gospel of great lampshades.... We've got a full workshop on Saturday, my shop is pretty tiny and 8 students is a bit tight and sorry to those on the wait list. There's always the Nantucket workshop on July 20th with Nantucket Historical Association's 1800 House Craft Workshops.


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