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Monday, April 5, 2010

Thanks so much to Potter Craft and Crafter News

A big huge hug of appreciation to Potter Craft and Crafternews

        I was featured in The April issue of Crafternews, the newish blog for Potter Craft and Watson Guptil. Check out their blog for all things fresh and crafty. 
         I'm just back from a week away. All geared up and rested to jump back into  a busy spring. I have loved this early spring here in Vermont. Lettuce, arugula, and cilantro seeds have sprouted. Early lettuce starts survived my trip away and flowers are coming up fast and furious. 
         Isn't the time of year that you just don't know what direction to turn. Okay, I'll rake for a bit, then run around to pull a few weeds, and then start painting the windows, then a little hula hoop, ...... pure joy of spring. I wish it would always be spring. Now it's time to focus back to my business and tidy up the shop and dig in for some fresh new lampshades and filling orders. 
       The April 17 workshop is full up! And reservations are coming in for the 2 day workshop Oct. 1 and 2. 
         The best thing of my first day back is to change my OPEN sign. I have one of the rainbow ones and have never liked it... so I cut off the rainbow part... kept the OPEN part and glued on turquoise pom poms. Yipee, now it's very cool and the ugly rainbow part gone for good. Good design wins the day. 
now its time to get moving and hit the ironing board and start in after a week away and make good stuff.
          Check out the Potter Craft blog and make a nice comment to them
           And the last note, my son Duncan (proud mom) is headed to Sweden today to take part in the JOSS Supersessions in Are, Sweden. I am very proud of Dunc. He was invited to take part in the great event way up there in Northern Sweden. It is a pretty wild event with freeski teams from many countries. They'll be filming their team's skiing for the week and ending up with a 5 minute film. A great opportunity for a talented group of skiers and videographers.
go for it Dunc! 

okay, now it's back to work


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