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Monday, March 29, 2010

How-to Vintage French Fabric Hex Bell

I recently purchased a nice grouping of French Cottons. Here's a nice early polished cotton. Often working with with vintage fabrics I find small pieces of fabric. In this case there was just enough for these 2 shades. It can be like a jigsaw puzzle to fit all styrene pieces onto the remnant of fabric. I tried to squeak one more smaller shade, too.... no luck.

I am ironing the fabric before it is cut out. (this is not an advertisement for Rowenta.... all my Rowenta irons are leaking... but hate to go get a new one.) My friend says her favorite is an old one she found at a tag sale.
Styrene is laminated to the back of the fabric. The paper backing is peeled off of the styrene. As my students know, getting the paper off can be one of the hardest parts! The panels are then cut out.
 Skipping ahead a few steps... here is the pair of shades with the self-trims added to the sides.
Making self-trims. I've used a contrasting floral fabric, definitely newer vintage fabric but best of the stack. I tried lots of different options and this seemed to work the best. It is French too, but probably 1950's. The cloth trim or bias trim backer is set onto the back of fabric and cut out.
Here is a close up of the technique. Quick glue onto one side and folded onto tape. The the other side.
The best part is adding the finishing trim. Run glue onto self-trim a few inches at a time and set onto shade.

NOTE: Shop is closed till April 5th.  Gone Spring Skiing.... but it is pouring rain out today. Good day to catch up on this belated blog post and start my new book by the fire. Crossing fingers sun comes out by Wednesday for some corn snow and sunshine.

Keep an eye out for the April issue of World of Interiors and April's  Crafter News, Random House's
New Craft Blog. I've loved hearing from so many of you from The May issue of Romantic Home. Gosh, It all happens at once but not complaining. Shall we say, on a roll.

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