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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pretty Vintage Crewel Cut-Corner Rectangle Bell Lampshade

                            A Vintage Crewel on Homespun Linen
                                          transformed into:
                  Cut-Corner Rectangle Bell Lampshade with new braid

              A tip on making lampshades with vintage embroideries and crewel is to trim up the threads on the back. This particular piece had tons of loose threads and long carries. It's a good job to do when your talking on the phone or chatting with friends. Kind of brainless, although you sure don't want to snip through the piece and YES, I have done that.
                On top of the grosgrain ribbon I added this gold braid. I think it came from Flights of Fancy Boutique.
             This frame was one carried by Fogg Lighting. I hear they are winding down their lampshade supply part of their business. Too bad, they've been around forever. As far as I know, The Lampshop is not carrying this particular frame, maybe they will in the future.  I decided to order a couple dozen of them if anyone is interested in a few. I do not generally ship supplies, but in this case I would be glad to do it if anyone is looking for a fun challenge. I'm home right now, but think it's 9 or 9.5" high and 12 across the bottom. Very handy size for desk lamps; I find it handsome on old alabaster desk lamps.
                                                  Detail of bottom and needlework. It reminds me of crewel work my Grammy Gulian used to do. She did lots and lots of crewel and I remember she liked to do a similar shading to this piece. Isn't the light pretty coming through the flowers?
                                       Finished Shade. Sorry this photo looks dark. My yankee thriftiness limits me to 40 watt light bulbs in the shop.... heck there is a load of lamps in my shop. Maybe I will try to add a better photo tomorrow when I get back to the shop.
                            Today I headed down to the Garden Show in Manchester, Vermont. It was a blast of spring with all the smells of summer. I was looking for a some early lettuce starts to give it a try in my garden with a hoop row cover. My friend Paul had really nice mixed lettuces all started, Yay, so happy. This year spring has come early to Vermont and lettuce is pretty hardy under a cover. (I hope)  I also picked up a delicious purple primrose. As I was leaving the primrose lady, she said, "they spread like crazy", and I said "I can't wait!" Then we treated ourselves to lunch at Depot 62: the restaurant within the furniture store in Manchester Depot. They have a beautiful brick oven. We split a wild mushroom pizza and a glass of Kris Pino Grigio. Great Pizza!  Nice way to enjoy a Sunday.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday's Lampshade Project

       Feels like a spring day here in Southern Vermont, almost. But well worth noting. A few more customers are poking around, willing to venture out into the countryside for a holiday weekend.
      I started this shade late yesterday and just finished it up. Love it. I found this crewel on ebay and wasn't so sure  what the heck to do with it when it arrived in the mail last week. Oh dear, maybe I made an ebay mistake. In those cases, I leave the piece on my desk and take a peak at it every now and then and try to visualize it's best use: what shape would work? Should it be kept whole or cut up? Or should I stash in deep and forget about it.... All those design questions.

      I decided it fit this rectangle frame nicely. It was just a little smaller, but the trim hides what needs to be hidden.You can see below how the picture is a little smaller on top and bottom. No problem; it'll be covered up with trim.
I'm loving this trim added to the bottom.  I found a scrap of fabric to use on the vertical self trims. How cottagey, is that a word??? I added a trim to the top that I plied 2 strands of rayon Martha ribbon together.  To Ply 2 stands: cut 2 long strips of ribbon and knot at the end. Weight the ends of the ribbon on table and ply ribbons together by twisting clockwise together and letting them form one ribbon.  I like it when they look irregular, which happens naturally.... for better or worse.

Shade size: top(7'x12") x bottom (9"x14")  x high 10.5"   cost $175.

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